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The Small Learning Community

The Small Learning Community

The Small Learning Community (SLC) is a positive, inclusive learning environment specifically designed and equipped to support children with a range of communication and interaction needs. This can include children with a diagnosis of autism, speech and language difficulties and children who present with challenges in their social interactions.

The SLC is taught by Mrs Stewart who is a specialist communication and interaction teacher and is a very exciting place to be!  


The SLC comprises of a calm, low arousal classroom environment (which includes opportunities for sensory regulation), an outdoor learning classroom and a sensory room. Provision within our intervention rooms is designed to develop skills and understanding that require teaching beyond those not generally available in mainstream classrooms. These include:

  • Language and communication skills

  • Social/emotional awareness and relationship skills and understanding e.g turn taking, respecting   the needs of others

  • Independence and self-help skills

  • Appropriate learning behaviour

  • Making choices and decisions

Below, are the individual unit overviews for SLC parents and carers. These detail what children will be learning in each unit - and how you can help at home! Each term these are updated in advance to reflect any changes which have made to our curriculum. 

If you have any questions about the curriculum in The SLC, please get in touch with Mrs. Stewart, who will be happy to talk about all of the exciting things planned! 



SLC Overview
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