Why 'Cambrai?'


Cambrai (pronounced Cam-bray) 


Once the Trust were identified as the successful bidders for the school, we had to name it. A big responsibility! Whilst contemplating the school name whilst driving on holiday in France, our CEO noticed a sign for ‘Le Cateau’ (our neighbouring school in Catterick’) – with the next junction being ‘Cambrai’. After a bit of research, which uncovered that Cambrai was the Duke of Wellington's headquarters for the British Army in the 1800s and was a British base during WWI , where tanks were used successfully for the first ever time – the named fit perfectly and Cambrai was born.


Once the school logo was designed, Mr. Dent (with a little help from his wife) decided that the school also needed an animal mascot... Using the leaves and colours from the logo, Mr. Dent designed an owl, again reflecting the woodland grounds of the school - as well as the wise children that the school will develop. 

After a social media request to name the owl, 'Wellington' was chosen, to reflect Cambrai's most famous inhabitant - and a nod to our valued forces community. 

The school logo was designed by Mr. Dent upon appointment as Executive Headteacher for the school. After visiting the site, with its beautiful trees, he wanted a logo to reflect the changing colours of the site - and a logo which linked to the school's motto of 'Growing good people - doing great things'. The leaves are growing and changing, just as the children in the care of Cambrai will over their time with us. 

The Cambrai Owl


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"Growing good people - doing great things."