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Lingfield Education Trust



Welcome to Lingfield Education Trust.

We are a trust family of schools in the North East. We are  a  truly inclusive trust, with specialist provisions across the range of schools, including -  a Speech & Language Resource Base, SEND Resource Bases for pupils with Complex Learning Needs , Social Communication provision for children with Social Communication difficulties and we also manage the Low Incidence Needs Team for Darlington.

As CEO, I am extremely proud and privileged to be leading a dedicated staff team, who put children first and are committed to providing the best educational experience that they can. We consider the uniqueness of all of our pupils and draw on a rich inclusive heritage in all six schools. At Lingfield Education Trust schools we believe that all can achieve and nothing should get in the way of a child fulfilling their potential.


We are passionate about sharing the vision, methods and practices which have been such a success at our schools, and helping similar schools and academies raise standards and maximise the potential of their students. We are an outward facing trust, growing our relationships with a wider network of schools and academies in the north east and continually look forward to what we believe will be a hugely rewarding journey for all involved.

If you would like to learn more about us, please explore our website, or feel free to get in touch and we will be happy to speak with you. Our trust head office telephone number is 01325 376 719 and email address is

Nick Blackburn

CEO Lingfield Education Trust

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