The Nest

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To book and pay...
To book a place, simply create an account and log in to our online booking system, here: 



If a session that you require is full, please email no later than 3pm the day before and we will endeavor to increase staffing to meet your needs. 

Invoices are sent automatically from the KidsClubHQ portal. Payment is via SIMs Pay - where funds are loaded to  your account. The link is here, but we will talk you through this as you need the service. Sims Pay Link . Once you have paid, we will mark your status in KidsClub as 'paid' - but this may take a few days to update.


We actively support the free childcare scheme for Service families. Please contact us for arrangements for this and Tax Free Childcare Schemes. 


You asked... we delivered! 
In 2020, our families asked us to create a wraparound provision to care for our children before and after school... 'The Nest' was born! 


The Nest opens its doors at 7.30am each morning, and cares for children up until 5.45pm each evening. Miss Cornwell is our Nest leader.  

Costs are £4 per morning session (including breakfast) and £7 each after school session (including a light tea). 

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What's on the Menu...?

Each morning, children have a wide variety of breakfast foods available to them, including: 

  • a selection of breakfast cereals 

  • toast, crumpets and bagels

  • yoghurts 

  • fresh fruit 

  • juices, water or milk

Each evening, children will have a light tea, so that they can still enjoy a family meal at home. This includes: 

  • a sandwich (chosen each morning by the children) 

  • a snack (e.g. a cake, biscuit, desert etc) 

  • yoghurts 

  • fresh fruit 

  • juices, water or milk

Activities Galore! 

For each session, Miss Cornwell designs a new activity for the children - such as: 

  • arts and crafts activities 

  • film night 

  • outdoor games and access to the play area 

Children can also enjoy 'down time', chilling on the sofa and beanbags, with snuggly blankets or access our wider environment, which includes: 

  • books and magazines 

  • board games 

  • construction kits 

  • train sets 

  • table football 

  • an ever changing toy box...