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Frequently Asked Questions



We understand that the opening of a new school will invite lots of interest, queries and questions. We have done our best to answer as many of these as possible below, but please do not hesitate to get in touch if you require any more information or have anything that you wish to share. 

What kind of school is Cambrai?
All new schools approved by the government are called ‘free schools’. A free school is simply a school, or ‘academy’, that is outside of Local Authority control. Increasingly, these schools are opened by Multi-Academy Trusts, such as Lingfield Education Trust. Free schools are not profit making entities, or businesses. Children attend school for the same amount of hours and weeks as local schools and our school will follow local term times. 

What will children learn at Cambrai? 
Cambrai, like all schools in our Trust, follows the National Curriculum - the curriculum prescribed by the government for all Local Authority Schools. Most academies, like ours, choose to follow the National Curriculum. Children learn the same subjects and sit the same tests as other neighbouring schools. 

Why didn't the school open with all year groups in September 2019?
The DFE discourage new schools from opening all year groups initially - preferring a build up model, starting with a reception intake. We agree. We do not want to 'poach' children settled in other schools and want to build our own school community from the ground up. Indeed, whilst over time projections show that there will be a significant number of additional children requiring a school place, many building and garrison projects aren't complete yet, so those places are not required just yet.  The school will build gradually, until the 2019 reception class reach year 6 at which point all year groups will be open. 


Who are the school leaders be accountable to for the success of the school, if not the Local Authority? 

As with all academies, ultimate accountability lies with the Regional Schools Commissioner and the DFE. At local level, the school has a Local Governing Body,  who are accountable to the Trust Trustees and Members. The regular monitoring of the school is conducted by the Trust's Senior Leadership Team, of which Mr Dent is part of, as the Trust's Director of Education

Is it a ‘selective school’?
No, our admissions policy is similar to other schools in the area. We are an inclusive school and all children are welcome.

Will the school be inspected by OFSTED?
Yes –  usually in its third year of operation, but this has been delayed due to COVID-19. The school also had to be inspected by OFSTED as part of the pre-opening arrangements for the school, where policies were reviewed ,plans scrutinised and leaders questioned. The OFSTED visit confirmed that the school was likely to meet all of the standards expected of it. The Trust has significant OFSTED inspection expertise within its central team.

Which 'Multi-Academy Trust' is the school part of?
Cambrai is proud to be part of Lingfield Education Trust - a growing Trust based in the North East. Further information aboiut our Trust and family of schools, can be found here:


If you have any more questions please send them to the team using the
form at the bottom of the page and we will gladly get in touch. 


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