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Service Families


Service Families are part of Our Family. 
Children from Service Families make up around half of the children in our school. We greatly value the huge contribution that Service Families make to our country - and are proud to both educate and care for their children. 

Adopting an inclusive, family approach to school life is key to our approach of welcoming new children to our school. Children mix with children from all ages (as the school grows), reading together, playing together and learning from each other. We will expect our older children to be role models and 'buddies' for new children and the youngest members of our family. We want all of our children to be proud of their school, each other and themselves - from the moment they join 'Team Cambrai'.

Click here to find out more about North Yorkshire's Service Families Local Offer 



We want our children from Service Families to feel like they have always been here – settled, appreciated and valued from day one. In order to achieve this, we: 

  • ensure new children have the opportunity visit school before joining their class

  • ensure that new children are able to access uniform immediately - so that they 'fit in' straight away 

  • ensure that all new children receive a free book bag - again, so that they feel part of the school community from day 1

  • ensure that all new children receive a home reading book on day 1

  • ensure that coat pegs, pupil books, pupils' trays etc are all named upon arrival - so that children feel welcomed and valued 

  • ensure that all new children are assigned a named 'buddy' on day 1 - to ensure that children feel part of the class from the outset 

  • ensure that all new Service Children are introduced to Mrs. Young, our Service Families Champion - so that they know that they have a named adult, who understands their life circumstances 

  • ensure that children are shown the selection of books in the school library about life as a Service Family 

Ongoing support for Service Families is important to us at Cambrai. Service Families can expect from us: 

  • A Service Families Champion - Mrs. Young - who has a forces background and understands the unique experiences that Forces life can bring  

  • A weekly 'drop-in' club for children whose parents are working away, or are due to work away

  • Bespoke support for children who may need it due to deployment, postings or weekending. We offer a wide range or support for these children including time and space to talk, with those who understand. More information on wider agencies providing support for deployment can be found here. 

  • Full involvement with the Garrison Assist Project; ensuring that provision for children with SEN is as good as it can be through a consistent approach to supporting children with special educational needs. More information can be found here.

  • Close working relationship with Angela Campbell who is the local Service Children's Champion. Angela offers well-being support for Service families who may be struggling with anxiety, managing emotions, parental separation/deployment. Angela also delivers regular sessions to the children at school. You can find more about the Service Children's Champion here: , or you can contact her directly:

  • Access to a selection of books in the school library about life as a Service Family 

  • A school who works to the best practice guidance shared by Service Children's Progression Alliance (SCiP Alliance) and 'Little Troopers' charity


Strong and Experienced Leadership is in place for our Forces Community: 

  • Our Trust Deputy CEO is an experienced teacher of Service Pupils - having previously worked on the garrison 

  • A school Service Family Champion - who has lived the Service Family Life 

  • The GSM is a formal 'friend' of the school - supporting our military links

  • A Parent governor is from a Service Family and represents the community at governance level 

  • Several other staff are linked to forces community 

Support for Families Leaving Cambrai

Although we never like to say goodbye to any of our families, inevitably there comes a time when some children and families have to move on. We carefully plan the transition for children leaving Cambrai in the same way that we do when they join us. Children that leave our school are always given a 'Cambrai badge' to take with them to sew somewhere special as well as a 'good bye' card from their classmates. Families will always be offered support in locating new schools, for those families moving to Scotland or overseas there is some information below. 

Government Guidance for Moving Overseas & Education for Service Pupils

Overseas Education Supportability Team

Moving to or from Scotland? 

The MOD’s Directorate Children & Young People (DCYP) have developed resources to assist Service families with moves into and from the Scottish education system:

  •  has been developed in partnership with the Association of Directors of Education Scotland (ADES).

  • A guide about Scottish Education written for parents by the MOD’s Children’s Education Advisory Service. Please click thilink. 

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