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School Clubs
Developing the whole child



Clubs @ Cambrai 
At Cambrai, we see the development of our children extending beyond the end of the school day. As such, we are committed to a comprehensive after school, extra-curricular offer for our children.


As the school grows, so will our offer.  Our clubs aim to begin to develop children’s ‘buy in’ to extra-curricular activities from an early age, developing their character - through our virtues of stickability, bravery and coolness. We aim for our children to 'stick' at our clubs, and if they do so, they are awarded a 'qualification certificate' - a real moment in their Personal Development journey.


As such, we offer a variety clubs, each half term, which are negotiated and voted for by the children  further developing their understanding of the fundamental British value of democracy.

Successful clubs that have been well attended at Cambrai so far, are: 

  • Music Club / Musical Theatre Club / Choir Club  

  • Recorder Club 

  • Lego Club 

  • Football Club 

  • Multi-Sports Club 

  • Creative Club (Art, dance and drama) 

  • Science Club 

  • Tennis Club

  • Construction Club 

  • Mindfulness Club 

  • Dance Class Club 

  • Cricket Club 

  • Outdooor Education Club... The list could go on! 

Clubs change each half term. Information is sent to children and families prior so that places can be allocated in preparation for the new club starting. 


All clubs will be monitored carefully to ensure that they meet the needs of our children, and are attended by all groups within our care; no group will be discouraged from attending any club, and when we find uptake is low for a particular group – we will investigate why. 

Community Links 

Our offer at Cambrai is only the beginning in the talent journey for our children! We hope to ignite interest and passion - and see children go on to progress through secondary school, the community offer and beyond! Our families value this mission - and we hold an up to date thread on Facebook, where families signpost each other to the offers available in the community. See the facebook thread, here. The thread is the top pinned post.

Here is a brochure of an 'A to Z Clubs in Richmondshire' - click here 


Here are also some community links which families may find useful, recommended by our current families, particularly if your family are new to the area:


Squirrels (4-5)
Beavers (6-8)

Cubs (8-10 1/2)

Scouts (10 1/2+ 

Girl Guides
Rainbows (5-7)

Brownies (7-10)

Guides (10+)
Swimming - Catterick Leisure Centre
Dance - Rhythm and Shoes Dance Academy, Charlotte Jaqueline School of Dance, Footloose Dance  
Boxing - Catterick Boxing Club

Football - Catterick Garrison Football Centre, Richmondshire Rockets Junior Football Club 

Martial Arts - Progressive Martial Arts 

Rugby - Richmondshire Rugby Club, Catterick Crusaders RLFC

Cheerleading - Lazercheer 

Languges - Lingotot 


If you have a club that you would like adding to our list.. simply get in touch! 



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