The Site


This is the current site - however both the building and grounds are to be transformed over 2018-19. 

The site for the new school is the building previously used by Darlington College, situated on Catterick Road. The building was purchased by the Department for Education and is currently being fully remodelled and refurbished in preparation for the 2019/20 school year. Until the permanent building is ready, in Spring 2020, we are in superb temporary classrooms, on the site - but you would never know that they are temporary - they are fabulous!  The ground floor of the permanent building is being transformed to include large windows and access to the outdoors for infant classrooms, whilst the upstairs will include a large hall and classrooms for the older children. The Trust has worked closely with the DFE and appointed contractors to ensure that the building is fit for purpose and a school to be proud of. Some of the key features include:

  • A large hall, large enough to fit all of our children for collective events and assemblies – we are determined to develop a family approach to our school.

  • A dedicated space for technology, including cookery and construction.

  • A separate library – to promote a love of reading and the importance of valuing books.

  • State of the art ICT facilities – with top specification equipment and facilities across the school.

  • Generous sized classrooms, with break out spaces allocated to each year group.

  • Extensive outdoor areas, including our own school field, woodland area, sports pitch and dedicated playgrounds for all ages.

To see a video of the final building plans click here!



Below are the architect's impression of the exterior of the building. Once all plans are released by the planning department, we will share them here. From the plan, you can see that all ground floor classrooms (infants) have direct access to their outdoor learning space - with the building being transformed in to a light and airy learning environment. Upstairs classrooms have panoramic views of the site through full wall windows, as well as additional roof lights to enhance the experience of learning within the building. We are delighted with the plans! 


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