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Year 3

Year 3 at CAMBRAI 

Year 3 is the beginning of Key Stage 2 at Cambrai - and it builds seamlessly from our Key Stage 1 curriculum - to offer specific subject learning, through the excitement of a range of interesting topics!

Year 3 is taught by Miss. Adams, who is supported by Miss. Walker and is a very exciting place to be! 


The Year 3 'Long Term Plans' are available to view below. These plans detail which topics children will cover, as well as which subjects are taught and when - as well as how the legal 'National Curriculum' has been appropriately interwoven in to our curriculum.

Below, are the individual unit overviews for Year 3 parents and carers. These detail what children will be learning in each unit - and how you can help at home! Each term these are updated in advance to reflect any changes which have made to our curriculum. 

If you have any questions about the curriculum in Year 3, please get in touch with Miss. Adams, who will be happy to talk about all of the exciting things planned! 



Year 3 Topic Overviews for Parents

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